6 Easy Ways to Cut Your Healthcare Expenses

Even with insurance, healthcare can be very costly to patients. From doctors appointments, hospital visits, and prescriptions, the bills add up quickly. This list offers a look at six of the ways you can help cut your healthcare expenses.

  1. You can always ask your doctor about bargaining the fee, and it has been found that in some cases, the doctor agrees to lower the fee. And three out of five adults negotiate with their doctors. In case you are paying too much out of pocket, then you should call your insurance customer service number and does ask them about lower rates.
  2. Knowing the actual cost is another smart way to cut down on your rates and prices of the services and equipment you pay for. This can help you negotiate discounts if you have information in respect to what you pay for insurance or out of pocket expenses.
  3. As it has been, there is an adverse scenario with doctors that they lose thousand of dollars every year due to unpaid bills as well as credit card processing fees. If you’re footing the bill, laying out the bucks in advance of treatment can sometimes get you a 10 percent discount on your bill, according to Pam Deloney of the American Private Physicians Association.
  4. When you are getting a medical bill from a hospital, always look out at it carefully as there are as many as eight out of 10 hospital bills containing some sort of mistake and charges 25 percent more than the actual cost. Be vigil about every test and medication that you do at the hospital and can order it from the hospital’s billing office. If you spot an error, send a certified letter requesting a corrected bill, and a copy of all documentation to your insurer.
  5. While going to a medical service provider like radiologists, anesthesiologists, and other specialists, call your doctor first that has you admitted to the hospital, as in many cases they don’t accept the same insurance as the doctor who admits you to the hospital. You should verify from your doctor the medical providers that will be going to test you. This way you can save a much smarter amount on your treatment.
  6. The other smart way to save on healthcare expenses is a retail health clinic that one can easily get at retail stores like CVS and Wal- Mart. As for getting treated at retail stores, you can save as much as 25 percent of the fee that you otherwise would have lost at a doctor’s office. And moreover, there no such appointment is necessary and patients are normally in and out within 15 minutes.
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