Top 25 Sites for Fitness and Health in 2012

It seems as though people all across the globe are eating worse, dealing with ever-increasing amounts of stress, and living sedentary lifestyles. This has contributed to rising healthcare costs, obesity epidemics, and more.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to healthy living. There are many people exercising, eating with an eye on nutrition, and reducing stress in positive ways. Even better, many of these people share their stories and tips on fitness and health through their own Web sites.

Whether you are a student in an MHA program, a professional in the healthcare field, or just someone thinking about your lifestyle choices in a critical way, the following 25 sites are the best when it comes to fitness and health. We selected sites that focus on healthy eating, exercise (running, cycling), and stress relief (yoga). Our hope is that our readers benefit from exposure to these fantastic sites!

  1. Mahamondo

    Mahamondo features “Tales from Yogastania (Santa Monica Cali) and a roadmap to conscious living.” The blogger discusses visits to various types of yoga facilities and even reviews movies and other media related to yoga, meditation, or mindfulness in general.

    • Fit Tip: Maya-mi: Just Be Thankful
  2. Midwest Multisport Life

    Running and veganism find their intersection in thoughtful posts on this blog, which is maintained by a father, husband, and endurance enthusiast. Health and fitness are about balance, so championing healthy exercise with clean vegan eating is a fantastic way to promote them.

    • Fit Tip: Scott Jurek: Vegan Phenom
  3. Not Another Healthy Recipe Blog

    This isn’t simply another healthy recipe blog to be lost in the shuffle. Posts offer fantastic recipes, shopping advice, and other cooking tips with a focus on health. Food is at the center of this blog but that doesn’t stop the writer from making broader recommendations for a more completely healthful lifestyle.

    • Fit Tip: A Healthier Fried Egg Sandwich
  4. That Girl is a Running Fool

    Allie, a “running fool,” covers the subject in depth, touching on everything from training and racing to helpful tidbits about running she has come across over the years. No matter if you are an avid runner, or just getting started, this great blog will inspire and entertain.

    • Fit Tip: Running on Water
  5. Do Restorative Yoga

    Sara maintains this site to share what she has learned about restorative yoga through personal practice and teaching. Anyone interested in caring for their bodies, as well as their minds through yoga will find the information here to be incredibly useful.

    • Fit Tip: Do Restorative Yoga
  6. Hearts Expanding

    The blogger at Hearts Expanding teaches Vinyasa yoga, but has studied many styles and promotes all manner of practices and ideas for spiritual and physical health. The posts on this blog offer a variety of meditation tips and ideas from within yoga practice and outside it for living a better life.

    • Fit Tip: Breathe
  7. My Feet In Motion

    Samantha Theirry is a college student with a passion for running and healthy eating, which shines through in her helpful posts. Don’t take her youth as an indication of inexperience though, she runs cross country and track competitively, and is well on her way to becoming a sports dietician.

    • Fit Tip: Recipe Handouts From a Strength & Conditioning Internship
  8. Nadine’s Yoga Blog

    Nadine Schwager is a registered yoga teacher in British Columbia, and she writes about both the physical and psychological benefits of practicing yoga. Nadine’s recent posts discuss mindfulness and how paying attention to how you spend your time can have positive effects throughout your day and in the long term.

    • Fit Tip: More Doing
  9. Running on My Time

    This running blog is maintained by Suzy, a chemistry teacher with a passion for gardening and, more importantly, running. Her posts are both entertaining and informative, offering plenty of great advice for anyone looking to get fit through running.

    • Fit Tip: Fixing a Treadmill
  10. Nobodhis Yoga Blog

    Spirituality, travel, communion with nature, and dealing with chronic stress are among the topics addressed in this blog, which occasionally takes an outsider’s approach to yoga and meditation in general.

    • Fit Tip: …and why I don’t go to yoga classes
  11. Run With Kate

    Kate is a vegetarian with a passion for running, who escaped the corporate chaos of Chicago for a more laid-back and healthy life in southern California. This excellent blog is her medium through which she shares her experiences and insights into running and healthy living.

    • Fit Tip: B12, Iron and Yoga
  12. One With Life

    One With Life is written by a traveling yoga practitioner and teacher who regularly alerts her readers about conferences and yoga related events, and shares stories of her own multi-decade experience practicing yoga.

    • Fit Tip: Hell Week
  13. Rust Belt Runner

    Holly maintains this personal health and fitness blog from Cleveland, Ohio. Many posts focus on running and yoga, but the blog also presents a wealth of information on other health topics such as nutrition, and general well-being.

    • Fit Tip: What Are You Really Eating?
  14. Rock Your Boat Yoga

    Rock Your Boat is a yoga blog maintained by Rebecca Anstett. It offers many excellent recommendations for breathing meditation, reflection, and mindfulness that anyone can do to improve their quality of life. Yoga is about caring for the mind as well as the body, so it’s the perfect holistic approach to being healthy and fit.

    • Fit Tip: Reducing Anxiety
  15. Half Marathon Club

    Nicole Blomgren , the Founder & CEO of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club™ maintains this superb runners’ resource. The organization’s official blog covers half marathon events and helps promote healthy exercise through running, with training tips to boot!

    • Fit Tip: Cold Weather Training
  16. Sunrose Yoga

    Sunrose Yoga is a “space for musings on the yogic path” by Kelly Connor Sunrose. The blog features videos, tutorials, podcasts and other instructional materials for beginning and advanced yoga lovers.

    • Fit Tip: Episode 76 – Expect Good. All-Level Hatha Flow Class
  17. Miss Zippy

    This site is maintained by a mom, writer, and RRCA certified running coach. Miss Zippy thoroughly covers the sport of running with posts about racing, food and nutrition, and the best products available for runners of all kinds.

    • Fit Tip: What I’ve learned from glycogen depletion runs
  18. True Yoga Inc.

    True Yoga Inc. is a company that offers yoga classes, DVDs, thai massage, and dietary workshops as part of a holistic approach to better health and fitness. The True Yoga blog is full of tips for living a healthier and more balanced life.

    • Fit Tip: Blessings Go With The Flow
  19. Young Yoga Masters

    The name says it all. This site is about yoga for kids, and offers teacher trainings and supplies for those who want to introduce children to yoga in a fun and engaging setting.

    • Fit Tip: What I Learned from my Week of Continuing Education
  20. Cycle Style 416

    A Toronto-based cycling enthusiast shares fitness and style tips for bike lovers on this visually appealing site. While working out isn’t the main emphasis of this site, it promotes a bike-centric lifestyle that is the antithesis to the sedentary style that causes so many health problems today.

    • Fit Tip: How Clever
  21. Yoga Addicted

    A self-professed yoga addict recommends books, recommends changes in diet and daily practice, and offers simple words of wisdom that all promote balance and health.

    • Fit Tip: Yoga for Running and some Favorite New Websites
  22. My First 5K

    Darlene is a woman in her 50s committed to staying healthy and fit. Since her discovery of the joys and benefits of running, she has maintained this quality blog which chronicles her races. It’s a great read for all runners, but especially beginners.

    • Fit Tip: Komen Race for the Cure Race Report
  23. Girls and Bicycles

    This is a lifestyle blog for girls who love bikes. There are posts on bike repair, style, and general vehicular fitness that anyone can use, though the site targets women. Riding a bike regularly instead of driving is a healthy choice, and bikes can often be taken on public transport to make getting around in any city easier.

    • Fit Tip: Hello Winter Bike
  24. Falling Open

    Falling Open is written by Pam, a teacher of yoga and enneagram and an advocate of staying in contact with spirituality as a way of confronting the challenges of daily life.

    • Fit Tip: On Loneliness
  25. Geneva’s Body Works

    Maintained by Geneva Gallander, this site focuses on her alternative health care journey. Through nutrition and message therapy, she was able to cure many of her ailments. She now happily shares her remedies and health principals with the world.

    • Fit Tip: Body Therapies
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