5 Medical Experts worth Following on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool, not only for social media and interacting with your friends, but also for following experts in any number of fields. These five experts have a vast medical knowledge, and they truly stand out from others in their field. Follow their accounts for helpful information and a better understanding of their practices.

  1. Caroline Sutherland: She is a medical intuitive, health expert, and best selling author of The Body “Knows”, books published by Hay House. She has an extensive clinical background in environmental medicine. More so, Caroline Sutherland is a medical intuitive, author, radio host, teacher, and an innovative leader in the fields of nutrition and energy medicine. Caroline’s father and grandfather were both medical doctors, and she inherited those traits of doctors from his father as well as grandfather.
  2. Retired Doctor: This account is for expert wellness advice from a retired international medical doctor with special clinical interests in alternative medicine, holistic healing, and self care. He aims to help his subscribers to take full control of their family’s health and well-being.
  3. Laser Spine Institute: This is the account for Bill Horne, the chief executive officer of the Laser Spine Institute. He helps people to be relieved of years of chronic neck and back pain. He believes in the feeling of going above and beyond and treating every patient like they’re a personal family member and helps them in getting back to their normal lives.
  4. Richard Busch: The Busch All Cash Academy program is a program to turn around the concept of medical practices. Busch All Cash Academy provides doctors with the personalized coaching, training, and support to confidently and successfully get better results. This program is prepared for spinal decompression and medical pain management practices. However, the philosophies and techniques taught can be applied and used effectively in any practice that includes dental, optical, and cosmetic surgery.
  5. Dr. Todd Schlifstein: It is an account for Fountain Medical Group that provides outpatient cosmetic procedures, facial massages, acupuncture, nutrition and vitamin therapy, cosmetic products, and laser skin care. Their treatments are based upon the proven medical methods and records. Fountain Medical Group has a rich team of skin care aestheticians, cosmetic consultants, massage therapists, acupuncturist, nutritionists, supporting staff, and doctors.
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