6 Benefits to Pursuing a Masters Degree in Health Administration

Upon attaining your undergraduate degree, you either have taken some time off from school, maybe to enter the workforce even, or maybe you are just planning on immediately starting the path towards an advanced degree. Either way, it’s never too early to start exploring new options for careers. Many times people aren’t sure that there are enough reasons for getting a masters in health administration, but it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. Many different factors contribute to a wealth of new options for a career once this degree is attained and below we highlight just a few:

1. Salary 

Although the most overstated fact regarding the discussion of a new job, how much you’re paid can significantly affect the allure of the position over others. Fortunately, when it comes to getting a masters in health administration, the payoff is imminent. Forbes released an article titled “The Best and Worst Masters Degrees for Jobs” and ranked a masters in Healthcare Administration as the 8th best you can get. If you’re motivated by financial incentive, look no further than this degree, it’s a worthwhile investment.

2. Location

Students think that the only place they can get a job with this degree is in hospitals, but they can also work in a variety of settings. It’s this flexibility of location that is attractive to so many people. Detailed here are some of the places you can work with a masters in health administration:

  • Group physician practices
  • Clinics
  • Nursing homes and elder-care facilities
  • Home healthcare organizations
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Mental health organizations
  • Rehabilitation centers

3. Stability

Named #1 on Yahoo! Education’s 5 Growing Health Care Careers, a Medical and Health Services Manager position will only continue to see growth in the coming decade as a larger need for this individuals solidifies as the Baby Boomers continue to age further into their elderly years.  This position is almost exclusively attained through a masters in health administration, so the degree will lead you into a stable career path.

4. Community

By pursuing a masters in health administration, you’ll become even more immersed into a culture and network of individuals that makes a job in this field much more fulfilling. The degree will set you up for positions that make it intuitive to connect with others through deeper bonds that extend beyond the professional realm and into your personal life.

5. Responsibility

When we pursue jobs we’re truly passionate about, it’s incredibly rewarding to know that we’re having an impact on others and that our efforts are not going unnoticed. A masters in health administration opens increased avenues to have an impact with your career. Of course, as with any job that requires an advanced degree, there is increased responsibility. This empowering feeling of having more say in helping and beneficially affecting others lives is very important to note.

6.Being In-Demand

A result of this degree is that workplaces will be working incredibly hard to get you to work for them. This is important to note for a few reasons, one being it won’t be hard to find a job. Another is that you’ll be able to relocate almost anywhere in the country, even world, if you desire. Countries like the United Kingdom and Australia likewise have high demand for individuals with masters in health administration and if you’re looking to get some new experiences and start the adventure of your life, those are also really lucrative routes to take this degree.

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