20 Enlightening YouTube Videos About Hospitals

Anyone in the medical field is certainly interested in learning about the many hospitals we have in the US. Whether you’re looking for a potential place of employment, or just want to have a better understanding of some of the best hospitals in the country, these videos are sure to be interesting. We’ve chosen videos from YouTube that showcase some of the best hospitals in the US, and in other parts of the world, including Cincinnati Children’s, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Duke Medical Center. We’re sure you can learn from some of the tours and information you’ll get about these hospitals.

  1. Cook Children’s NICU: Information about the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children’s Hospital.
  2. Inside the NICU: Take a look inside the NICU at Healthpark Medical Center.
  3. Riley Hospital Tour: Get a look inside the NICU at Riley Hospital.
  4. North Cypress Hospital: Learn about North Cypress Hospital in Texas.
  5. Cinncinati Chilren’s Hospital: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital talks about their unique procedure for rounds. This is one of the foremost childrens’ hospitals in the world, and one of the most family focused.
  6. Mayo Clinic Jacksonville: Tour the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. The original Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota is consistently one of the most highly ranked US hospitals. This video showcases the grand opening of Mayo’s newest clinic in Florida.
  7. Cancer Center of America: See some of Cancer Center of America’s unique ways to cheer up cancer patients. Cancer Center of America has one of the best records for cancer treatment in the country, in part because they focus on the emotional and spiritual side of healing cancer as well as the medical treatment.
  8. Dublin Methodist Center in Ohio: Tour this new hospital in Ohio.
  9. NorthWestern Mental Health: Tour a mental health hospital in Australia.
  10. Visit to an Ethipian Hospital: Visit a unique hospital in Ethiopia that helps women who have been injured in childbirth. This hospital not only saves women’s lives in Ethiopia, but gives them back their dignity as well, since their injuries are the subject of shame in their culture. This is a truly inspiring story of non profit healthcare work in Africa.
  11. St Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospital: Learn about the unique programs at St. Lukes and Roosevelt Hospital in New York.
  12. John Hopkins Cancer Center: Tour the Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  13. Brain Surgery at Johns Hopkins: See a surgeon at Johns Hopkins perform risky brain surgery.
  14. Mayo Clinic: One of the best hospitals. See statement from Mayo Clinic after being named one of the nation’s best hospitals.
  15. UNC Hospital: Four specialties at UNC Hospital are ranked among the best in the US.
  16. Bumrungrad Hospital: Learn about Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok Thailand, one of the world’s best hospitals.This hospital is consistently ranked as one of the best in all the world and it’s located in a place that most people don’t think of when it comes to unparalleled health care.
  17. Washington Hospital Center: Explore Washington Hospital Center, one of the nation’s most highly ranked hospitals.
  18. Cleveland Clinic: Learn about the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nations’ foremost hospitals. Cleveland Clinic is consistently ranked in the top 20 US hospitals.
  19. New York’s Presbyterian Hospital: Learn about New York’s Presbyterian Hospital, one of the best in the US. There are few places in the country that have the same reputation for care as New York’s Presbyterian Hospital.
  20. UMASS Hospital: Hear from the CEO of University of Massachusetts Hospital system, one of the foremost hospital systems in the country. Hear some of the challenges their population is facing from the hospital CEO.

This country is fortunate to have so many wonderful hospitals, providing some of the best medical care in the world. There is a shortage of healthcare in the US, so these hospitals and others like them are going to see big changes over the next few years. Those in the health care industry are certain to want to watch how these hospitals handle the changing world of health insurance and healthcare management.

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