The health care industry has gone through some painful changes, and indeed is still having to transform rapidly to accommodate new technology, increasing numbers of aging patients needing continuing care, and a highly litigious climate that hangs over the medical community, where medical malpractice lawsuits threaten to destroy careers. Some organizations have cracked under the pressure, and some have risen to the top as leaders, visionaries and innovators in a difficult period. The organizations, websites, blogs, and companies below are doing good work, and we’re excited to watch them grow throughout the next year and beyond.

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals and clinics have a lot of challenges to keep up with, from maintaining a skilled and licensed staff to keeping detailed private medical records in both digital and analog formats, processing insurance claims, and many other business and administrative tasks not directly related to providing medical treatment. The best of the best hospitals and clinics cannot only hold steady, but continue improving their business practices without sacrificing the quality of treatment and information delivered to clients.

  1. Affinity Health System Blog

    Affinity is a regional integrated health care delivery system focused on community-based accessible care. Their blog, focused on Wisconsin clients, offers information on healthy meals, setting health goals, and seasonal health and wellness issues.

    Learn More – Stay Active in Cold Weather

  2. Free Clinics Today

    AmeriCares offers a much-needed free clinic resource for managers, volunteers, and other interested parties. They provide information on how to manage a clinic, get donations and volunteers, and generate events that can engage a community. They also offer a section for patients to find free clinics in their neighborhoods.

    Learn More – Clinic Staff: How To Guides

  3. MCC Medical Clinic

    The Muslim Community Center (MCC) Medical Clinic serves the uninsured, indigent adult residents of that community regardless of race, religion, ehtnicity, or national origin. They offer a pharmacy, radiology, a lab, and a volunteer staff that speaks English, Spanish, Arabic, and seven other languages.

    Learn More – Services

  4. Weiss Memorial Hospital Health for Life Blog

    The Weiss Memorial Hospital Health for Life blog was started in 2010 to serve as a more direct and personal means of communication between the people at Weiss and the community at large that the hospital serves

    Learn More – Robotics Event Introduces the Future of Medicine to Chicago Physicians

  5. Longevity Medical Clinic

    Longevity Medical Clinic is a membership based health care provider that specializes in using bio-marker measurement and other data to analyze and slow the progress of negative effects of aging.

    Learn More – High Intensity Exercise vs. Aerobic Exercise

  6. Overlake Medical Center Women’s & Infants’ Blog

    Overlake Medical Center, located in the Puget Sound Region, offers a constantly updated blog about women and their infants. Although this information is used to support this center’s childbirth classes and support groups, the material is useful for any mother-to-be.

    Learn More – Welcoming baby softly with skin to skin care

  7. Seattle Mama Doc

    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson is a mom and a pediatrician. She offers her insights from both perspectives in this Seattle Children’s Hospital blog about issues surrounding the ideal of effective parenting.

    Learn More – Why No TV Before Bed is Better

  8. Wisconsin Wellness Clinic

    Dr. Nicole Knapp, DC, and Lisa McNeil, LMT, FST, provide plenty of health and wellness ideas through this blog for their Wisconsin clinic. A healthy dose of humor along with easy-to-accomplish health tips support their chiropractic and neuromuscular therapy work.

    Learn More – 21 Habits of Happy People

  9. BayCare Clinic’s Blog

    Bay Care Clinic is a physician-owned specialty care clinic located in northeast Wisconsin and in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Their blog is focused on health and wellness, with special attention to preventive care, heart health, surgical procedures, and pain management.

    Learn More – A Cool New Treatment

  10. Vis medicatrix naturae: Natural Health Realized

    Dr. Molly Niedermeyer (Linton), ND, LM, offers an interesting blog that focuses on health, but also advocates for natural health politically and medically. Readers can learn about her Emerald City Clinic as well as local workshops, classes, and information about common maladies and no-so-common ideas about traditional treatments.

    Learn More – Time of day makes a difference in thyroid testing

  11. Hope Medical Clinic

    Hope Medical Clinic is a volunteer- and donor-driven establishment realized to help meet the needs of medically underserved populations in Okaloosa and Walton Counties in Florida. While some clinics are similar, this clinic has raised an astounding $949,364.35 since 2009, with $482,200 free physican services provided, too.

    Learn More – Becoming a Patient

  12. Fort Health Care

    Fort Health Care in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, works to create a healthy community at home and at the workplace through preventive medicine. They hold classes and seminars and offer free screenings, health challenges and more to engage the residents in their town.

    Learn More – Health in the Workplace

  13. Carilion Clinic Blog

    Fort Carilion Clinic, located in Roanoke, Virginia, is a non-profit organization that offers a network of hospitals, primary and specialty physician practices, and other complementary services. Their mission is to improve the community’s health through preventive measures by holding regular events such as blood pressure and blood sugar screenings and infant CPR and safety programs.

    Learn More – Health and Wellness Calendar

  14. Kartini Eating Disorder Blog

    You don’t need to live near Kartini Clinic to learn more about eating disorders. Readers can find plenty of information on this blog to learn all about anorexia, bulimia, eating disorder treatment, and other eating issues. Kartini Clini also offers resources for individuals and family members affected by these disorders.

    Learn More – Exercise and the Severely Anorexic Patient

  15. Barnes Jewish Hospital Blog

    The Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, offers a blog that features patient stories, medical news, event announcements, and innovations that might intrigue readers. They hope to engage their community in health issues to maintain a dynamic health care environment.

    Learn More – Medical diagnosis makes sports headlines

  16. Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital Blog

    It’s rare to find an active naval hospital blog, but this one is filled with current information about the hospital and the community it serves. Located at Tentynine Palms, California, the blog writers offer seasonal health advice as well as news about major accomplishments and acquisitions.

    Learn More – Summer Heat and Your Meds — What’s The Link?

  17. Holy Cross Hospital Blogs

    Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, keeps its community apprised of news in every service line they offer. Each week, physicians and/or staff members supply news, knowledge, opinions, and encouragement about heart health, cancer, research, and orthopedics.

    Learn More – A hard way to learn an important fact

  18. North Hills Hospital Blog

    North Hills Hospital in Texas was the first hospital in that state to achieve all three levels of Chest Pain Accreditation, and they were the first Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery in Tarrant County. The accolades could go on, but their main mission is to serve the community — and this blog is one method of outreach in topics that range from diabetes to weight loss.

    Learn More – Five Healthy Living Tips for Seniors

  19. Craig Hospital Blog

    While some hospitals try to be all things to all people, Craig Hospital’s blog focuses solely on people with spinal cord and brain injuries. Their blog is designed to educate, support, encourage, and update both casual readers and their patients.

    Learn More – Research Study Opportunity for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

  20. Memorial Hospital Blog

    Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Ohio, may have opened its doors in 1918, but today this hospital shows a very modern face with a blog that features health news and tips and information about the hospital’s state-of-the-art facility and staff.

    Learn More – Surgery in Fremont: A day in the life at Memorial Hospital

  21. Hruska Clinic Blog

    Hruska Clinic offers restorative physical therapy services to its community in Lincoln, Nebraska. They use their blog to impart information about their services, including general news in this special service. The site also contains information about success stories and the clinic’s great efforts at community outreach.

    Learn More – Looking at the Clouds – Dave’s new blog talks about living in our “close-up” world…

  22. C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital Blog

    Entitled, “Hail to the Little Victors Blog,” this offering from the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital provides a large community of readers with news and information about patients and services. Parents can enjoy articles like “An Interview with the Sugar Plum Fairy,” but they also can learn from articles that show parents how to talk to children about tragic events.

    Learn More – Five things parents should know about the flu

  23. Thriving

    Thriving, the pediatric health blog provided by Boston Children’s Hospital, has been around longer than most hospital blogs. Their trusted information as well as their outreach is appreciated by parents who need the reassurance, help, and special attention that this hospital staff shows to its local and regional community.

    Learn More – Our patients’ stories: Treating Haven’s pulmonary atresia

  24. Akron Children’s Hospital Inside Children’s Blog

    Akron Children’s Hospital provides an active blog that focuses on work at the hospital, patient stories, “mom bloggers,” volunteer stories, hospital news, and health and parenting. This is a true family health blog… after reading a few stories, you might feel that the hospital staff has become part of your family.

    Learn More – Kings of the mountain: 3 hospital employees bring expertise and compassion to the slopes

  25. Country Chiropractic Clinic

    Avery Martin, A. Nicholas Martin, and A. Nathaniel Martin offer combined expertise and knowledge about their chiropractic services and general health through this informative blog. Read about preventive health measures, patient testimonies, and answers to commonly asked questions about physical complaints.

    Learn More – Health On Hold

  26. Watson Clinic Blog

    The Watson Clinic provides comprehensive medical services to the Lakeland, Florida community. Speaking Spanish and English, this clinic provides outstanding services as well as a blog that speaks to physical health, emotional issues, and health news.

    Learn More – Fit and Fabulous at 40

  27. University of Florida Student Health Care Center Blog

    If a college offers a health blog, wouldn’t that make you feel better about attending or having your kids attend that school? The University of Florida offers a great blog that speaks to students about current health issues as well as reality checks.

    Learn More – FAQs: Getting in, getting out and getting on with your life

  28. Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Blog

    Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center also offers a blog for students, with a leaning toward preventive care and student engagement online and on campus. Their new “P4 Wellcare Assessment” features medicine and care that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory.

    Learn More – Video Game Provides Balance Testing for Concussions

  29. National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics Blog

    NAFC is the only non-profit organization whose sole mission is focused on the issues and requirements of more than 1,200 free and charitable clinics throughout the U.S. NAFC serves as an advocate for the clinics’ and volunteers’ concerns in Washington, and provides research, education, and resources for member organizations and their communities.

    Learn More – Health Care Issues

  30. People’s Health Clinic Blog

    This clinic’s blog reflects its services to the Park City, Utah community. The People’s Health Clinic serves a need for low-cost health services, and it offers outreach about its mission and services through informative and engaging articles.

    Learn More – What access to affordable healthcare has meant to one Summit County resident

  31. Shepherd’s Care Medical Clinic

    Shepherds Care Medical Clinic in Zebulon, North Carolina, provides a site that is helpful to patients and community. The site offers basic information as well as community news, updates, requirements for the clinic and helpful guides for prospective patients.

    Learn More – Clinic Staff: How To Guides

  32. The Refuge Clinic

    This clinic, with two locations in Kentucky, was conceived from a need to fund medical and dental care to uninsured populations in Jessamine and Fayette Counties. Since the clinics opened in 2008, they have served over 2,800 uninsured residents in those counties through the support of Refuge Ministries.

    Learn More – Clinic Staff: How To Guides

  33. The Center for Healthcare Value Blog

    The Center for Healthcare Value is all about creating a healthcare marketplace that rewards providers for delivering value. This revamping of the health care facility includes using “lean healthcare,” teaching transformation leadership, and sharing collective knowledge and insights to provide new and better ways to care for patients while eliminating waste and errors.

    Learn More – What Value Really Means

  34. Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health Blog

    Kaiser Permanente is a premier health care provider, offering quality health services and community involvement to neighborhoods throughout the country. Their blog is focused on a commitment to quality, including how they impart information about preventive health, news, and events within their communities and beyond.

    Learn More – Food Banks Look to Offer More Nutritious Food

  35. Cleveland Clinic Heart Blog

    Although the Cleveland Clinic offers more than heart health services, their new blog is focused solely on how to get, maintain, and keep a healthy heart through exercise and diet. They also talk about various heart treatments and surgeries, cutting through the medical jargon to offer straight talk on some life-saving issues.

    Learn More – Atrial Fibrillation – Dispelling 6 Myths

  36. Jonathan Treasure

    Jonathan Treasure’s philosophy is to educate, rather than prescribe. He is versed in herbal remedies, cancer, and herb-drug interactions. His clinic’s blog mostly offers information about the clinic’s operations; but, patients and prospective clients and physicians can read more information about his treatments on his accompanying website.

    Learn More – Taming the Email Monster – Enter the Clinic Help Desk

  37. Morningside Hospital Blog

    Morningside Hospital in Alaska is a former mental health institution with quite a tale to tell. Volunteers use this blog to impart information about the hospital’s history, including information about prior staff members, medical practices, and a story about a America’s dark treatment of its “unusual” citizens.

    Learn More – One-Eyed Shaw Creek Tony

  38. Pardee Hospital Blog

    Founded in 1953, Pardee Hospital is a not-for-profit community hospital and the first and only hospital in North Carolina to be accredited with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for quality health care standards. The blog reflects Pardee’s community engagement, with updates about health care at the facility as well as news about activities for the area.

    Learn More – Reduce Stress, Sleep More, Lose Weight

  39. The Kindred Continuum

    The Kindred Continuum, a service from Kindred Healthcare, is focused on the clinical and managerial side of long-term acute care. Kindred Healthcare is the largest diversified provider of these services in the U.S., and was named a Fortune Magazine “most admired company” four years in a row.

    Learn More – Planning a Valentine’s Day Visit to a Loved One

  40. Northwest Memorial Hospital Blog

    Northwestern Memorial Hospital, an academic medical center hospital located in Chicago, offers a blog that features medical news, innovative research information, and perspectives on healthcare-related issues. The blog is not as stuffy as it might sound…if you’re interested in maintaining your health, you might find a topic here that will appeal to you.

    Learn More – Small changes you can make to be more heart healthy

  41. Botsford Hospital Blog

    Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan, brings news, helpful health tips, and wellness ideas to its community through this blog. From Alzheimer’s Disease to technology and treatment, this hospital isn’t afraid to share its philosophies and engage its neighbors in healthy conversation.

    Learn More – Botsford Hospital recognized for social media

  42. Brigham City Community Hospital Blog

    Brigham City Community Hospital in Utah is a small community hospital that prides itself on being part of its community as well as providing high-quality services to their patients and families. Their blog, which is fairly new, offers general health tips on topics that range from cancer care to women’s health, offering preventive ideas for a healthy town.

    Learn More – Is Voting Healthy?

  43. Cincinnati Children’s Blog

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital blog is an exciting adventure into global health care. From articles about trips to India to help children with severe scoliosis to heart-to-heart talks from moms who have children with cancer, there’s plenty of stories on this blog to engage readers.

    Learn More – The Power of a Story

  44. Cooper University Hospital Blog: Inside Cooper

    Cooper University Hospital is well known to residents in southern New Jersey and throughout the Delaware Valley. This hospital is the leading provider of comprehensive health services, medical education, and clinical research in that area. Their blog is an exciting news format that shares achievements, news, and relevant medical innovations at Cooper and beyond.

    Learn More – Cooper Faculty Travel to Guatemala to Provide Free Medical Care to Women and Children

  45. GlassHospital Blog

    John Henning Schumann, a general internist and medical educator at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa, created and hosts this blog that focuses on medical practice transparency, aspects of caregiving, and the demystification of medicine. The ultimate goal? To help patients have better experiences in a hospital or medical practice environment.

    Learn More – Aspiversary

  46. Sherman Health Blog

    Sherman Health in Elgin, Illinois, provides a tips and news on their blog that can help any reader learn how to have a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about nutrition, breast care, and other health topics here, including a day-by-day heart health care plan.

    Learn More – 4 letters that will help you identify a stroke victim

  47. Noran Clinic Blog

    Noran Clinic is a neurological clinic that provides comprehensive care for patients at six locations around Minneapolis. They use their blog to provide consumers with information about neurological conditions, news, events, research, resources, and educational content on topics that range from back and neck pain to Parkinson’s Disease.

    Learn More – Free Meet the Authors Event on Parkinson’s Disease

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Health Management & Administration

The managers and administrators in the medical industry are more and more crucial as the complexity of the medical system, especially surrounding managing medical finances, increases.

  1. Healthcare Financial Management Association

    More than 39,000 CFOs, controllers, and accountants consider HFMA to be a leading membership organization for healthcare financial management executives and leaders. HFMA helps its members by providing education, supporting networking, and by advocating for an improved health care system.

    Learn More – Buyer’s Resource Guide

  2. Christina’s Considerations

    Christina Thielst is a hospital administrator and one of the most well-known and respected female bloggers on health administration. She’s passionate about improving health care, with an eye to the patient experience.

    Learn More – Patient Safety, Team STEPPS & Technology

  3. Wachter’s World

    Dr. Robert M. Wachter is a professor and associate chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He is a national leader in the field of health care quality, as well as a well-known down-to-earth writer, speaker, and advocate for patient safety.

    Learn More – “Unaccountable”: An Important, Courageous, and Deeply Flawed Book

  4. Navigant – Healthcare

    Navigant provides physician’s and healthcare consultants that help improve the efficiency and performance of health care organizations of all sizes through cost reduction, skill set optimization, and general streamlining.

    Learn More – Physician Compensation: The Future Road to Measuring Fair Market Value

  5. American Society for Healthcare Risk Management

    ASHRM was established in 1980 as a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA). With nearly 6,000 members, this group represents risk management, patient safety, insurance, law, finance, and other related fields within healthcare management.

    Learn More – 30th Anniversary

  6. American College of Health Care Administrators

    ACHCA, founded in 1962, is a non-profit membership association that focuses on long-term quality health care services offered by leaders who excel in their professions. The foundation for this goal is met through educational programs, professional certification, and career development opportunities for members.

    Learn More – ACHCA Resources

  7. Health Business Blog

    Health Business Blog pulls together the best news in all sectors of the health care industry, from biomedical research progress reports to policy updates and general news.

    Learn More – Bionic Eye – Seeing The Future

  8. Health Care Administrators Association

    HCAA, formed in 1960 as the Independent Administrators Association, has continuously provided quality educational opportunities for administrators from leading experts in their fields. HCAA also provides legislative advocacy to help transform the TPA industry and its role in health care.

    Learn More – Legislative and Regulatory Updates

  9. American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management

    AAPPM’s mission is to support podiatric physicians by providing them with leadership education, practice management strategies, and shared knowledge. AAPPM members can enjoy a 22% increase in income over their non-AAPPM colleagues.

    Learn More – Student Clubs

  10. Institute for Diversity in Health Management

    This non-profit organization works closely with health services organizations and educators to expand leadership opportunities among ethnic minorities. The Institute has designed several initiatives to generate long-term results for leadership that reflects the ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity of the communities that many health care institutions serve.

    Learn More – Emerging Minority Leaders

  11. Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals

    AHCAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to building quality leaders in the health care field by advancing professional development through education, recognition, education, and advocacy. This organization provides its members with leadership training, career development, news, jobs, and resources that can help health care administrators to provide quality service and care.

    Learn More – Professional Links for Members

  12. American Academy of Medical Administrators

    AAMA was founded in 1957 as an association of multi-disciplinary health care management within all types of health organizations. This membership organization’s mission is to advance excellence in health care leadership through shared resources, education, and active engagement.

    Learn More – Career Resources

  13. Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

    AHRMM is a membership group for healthcare supply chain professionals, providing education, information, and resources for its over 4,300 members to remain at the top of this field. AHRMM also provides advocacy to professionals in hospitals, health systems, and health organizations to advance health care supply chain excellence.

    Learn More – AHRMM Learning Center

  14. Student Doctor Network Forums

    The Student Doctor Network is a nonprofit educational organization, and its website provides users with the opportunity for peer networking and education. This link leads to the forums at that site, where readers can peruse topics that appeal to all types of medical practices, from dentistry to interdisciplinary.

    Learn More – Physician / Resident Forums

  15. doc2doc

    This site represents an online community that connects healthcare professionals from across the globe. The site offers great tools such as forums, blogs, peer networking, private and public messaging.

    Learn More – Artsy docs blog

  16. Care Here

    CareHere manages clinics nationwide, and they also focus on providing on-site healthcare to employees of any company through their employers. Employers, physicians, and employees enjoy online appointment schedules, notices, graphed interpretations, and other online medical record tools.

    Learn More – Services

  17. Health Care Executive Careers Blog

    Cejka Executive Search, a recruiter for C-level executives, physician leaders, and key senior management and academic medicine faculty, provides insights into the health care executive work place with this blog. Consultants pose interesting scenarios and questions on this blog that can help potential management enter the workforce with confidence.

    Learn More – What Makes Successful Leaders?

  18. Ciena Healthcare

    Ciena Healthcare provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation management care in 32 communities across Michigan and in four other communities in Connecticut. This company, founded in 1998 to provide management services to nursing facilities that had common ownership, now is a dynamic organization that oversees all Ciena facilities.

    Learn More – Ciena Vision Statement

  19. Health Management Associates

    In 1985, Jay Rosen and a handful of other public officials founded HMA as a vision of publicly-financed health care programs across America. Today, HMA is an independent national research and consulting firm with nearly 100 consultants who help clients develop publicly-financed health care projects.

    Learn More – Our Services

  20. NewLight Healthcare

    If your rural or small-community hospital needs quality management, you might look to NewLight to fill those roles. NewLight is passionate about providing communities with strategies to help rural and small-town hospitals become self-sustaining and flourishing.

    Learn More – Case Study: Hospital Turnaround

  21. American Medical Billing Association

    AMBA’s mission as a medical billing association is to provide industry and regulatory education, networking opportunities for members, and shared knowledge to help billers succeed at their careers. This organization also offers the only nationally-recognized medical billing specialist certification exam.

    Learn More – Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist

  22. Healthcare Billing & Management Association

    HBMA, founded in 1993, responds to the challenges faced by the health care billing and management industry. HBMA values the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and compliant business practices in every aspect of this industry, and provides excellent benefits and resources for its members.

    Learn More – HBMA Educational Events

  23. AAPC

    AAPC, founded in 1988, provides education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders, documentation and coding audits, regulatory compliance and physician practice management. Over 90,000 members are certified coders with a proven mastery of all code sets, evaluation and management principles, and documentation guidelines.

    Learn More – Medical Training Overview

  24. National Forum for Latino Healthcare Executives

    Latino health care executives can find education, mentoring, and advocacy through NFLHE. This organization helps leaders in this industry meet challenges in today’s diverse health care systems and hospitals.

    Learn More – Mentoring

  25. Healthcare Information and Management Systems

    HIMSS is a non-profit organization that provides leadership for the optimal use of HIT and management systems to improve health care. Approximately 50,000 members and the general public have access to this organization’s blog, news, tools, and policies.

    Learn More – Mentoring

  26. National Association of Healthcare Access Management

    NAHAM, a non-profit organization for health care managers and executives, is at the forefront in providing resources that speak to best practices, standards, and education in this field. The organization provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration, networking, and learning, both online and through face-to-face events.

    Learn More – Career Center

  27. American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administrators

    ASHRA is this nation’s only membership organization dedicated solely to providing resources and meeting needs of health care’s human resources leaders. As the foremost leader in health care human resources, this organization can focus providing its members with knowledge and opportunities for professional development.

    Learn More – Advocacy / Labor Relations

  28. Hospital Management

    Health care leaders who seek global information about the hospital industry can find news, innovative products, projects, and events described in this online venue. Hospital Management serves as a direct link between health care facilities and service suppliers, providing information about new technologies and treatment advances.

    Learn More – Wound Cleansing: A New Dimension in Treatment

  29. American Medical Directors Association

    AMDA focuses on leaders, physicians, and other professionals who practice in the long-term health care field. This organization and its members are dedicated to providing excellence in patient care through education, advocacy, knowledge, and professional development.

    Learn More – Health Policy Advisor

  30. Health Management Associates

    HMA is dedicated to partnering with mid-size communities and their health care facilities to provide the best health care possible. This company currently staffs more than 10,000 physicians and partners with 70 hospitals in a dynamic nationwide expansion to promote the best use of resources available for both health care professionals and their patients.

    Learn More – Careers

  31. API Healthcare

    API Healthcare provides innovative workforce management solutions across the entire continuum of care in both health systems and in staffing agencies. This company provides case studies that illustrate their leadership in staffing and scheduling, patient classification, human resources, and management.

    Learn More – The Continuum of Care

  32. Home & Health Care Management

    This company provides an excellent example of health management resources at the regional level. Operating in northern California, Home & Health Care Management offers professional teams that provide medical and non-medical care for home-bound patients and clients.

    Learn More – HIV/AIDS Services & Programs

  33. BHM Healthcare Solutions, PC

    Behavioral Health Management Healthcare Solutions is a management consulting firm focused on building profitable businesses that provide quality care. This company provides help with financial management as well as human resources to build the best health care solution possible for their clients and their clients’ patients.

    Learn More – Services

  34. Health Exec News

    This online information network provides readers with health care management news and insights on a daily basis. boasts nearly half a million subscribers among health care management and administration who want to know about patient treatment, medical billing, compliance, and other timely topics relevant to this field.

    Learn More – One hospital system’s cost-saving steps saved millions

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Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology encompasses everything from digital medical record storage to transferring files between practices, insurance companies, and individuals securely, and good IT professionals are crucial in keeping this information safe, private, and backed up.

  1. Healthcare IT Blog Roundup

    EMRapproved, a nationwide electronic medical records company, provides articles about the IT sector in the medical record industry. They provide free online information that showcases their knowledge, backing up their expertise in technology service and solutions.

    Learn More – BPC Releases Recommendations on Oversight for Patient Safety and Health IT

  2. The Healthcare IT Guy

    Shahid Shah has been blogging for years on the topic of healthcare IT, especially information that focuses on e-health, EHR/EMR, data integration, medical device connectivity, health informatics, and legacy modernization. He’s held CTO positions for several companies over the past 15 years.

    Learn More – Essentials of telehealth and telemedicine, top Do’s and Don’ts, mHealth and other health IT advice

  3. Australian Health Information Technology

    Dr. David More has tackled Australian Health IT issues on this blog for several years. His goal is to rid the Australian health system of useless IT and to encourage more proficient use to benefit the healthcare sector in that country.

    Learn More – Weekly Australian Health IT Links

  4. HIT Consultant

    HIT Consultant delivers insightful coverage of healthcare trends and innovative technology through its award-winning digital media platform. HIT Consultant is a Fluent Health Media product that covers relevant topics from analytics to telehealth.

    Learn More – How Women Are Leading the Digital Health Startup Revolution Infographic

  5. Life as a Healthcare CIO

    Dr. John D. Halamka shares his years of experience as a CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in this blog, with topics such as how to standardize data and policies and management. Dr. Halamka goes one step further by sharing tips on how to reduce a hospital’s carbon footprint.

    Learn More – A New Sustainability Model for Healthcare Information Exchange

  6. Healthcare IT News

    Healthcare IT News covers a broad range of topics that appeal to any CIO or healthcare executive. This online magazine generously shares white papers, blogs, and news about EHRs, privacy & security issues, HIE, and telehealth.

    Learn More – Physical Security for Healthcare Devices and Equipment

  7. Trizetto

    TriZetto is a leader in healthcare IT solutions for payers and providers. This company promotes integrated care management by offering comprehensive solutions, cost reductions, and by helping healthcare providers meet an overall goal of quality care.

    Learn More – In the News

  8. Health Informatics Forum

    This site provides a social network for HIT professionals and students. Sign up to enjoy blogs, information about events and jobs, and a resource directory that focuses on HIT across a wide range of platforms.

    Learn More – Job Opportunity at USF: Director of the Healthcare Informatics Program, Assistant or Associate Professor – Tenure Track

  9. Health Management Technology

    Health Management Technology provides an online magazine that reflects current news, opinion, and information about events and products. The focus is on systems solutions, with a resource guide that can help readers save both time and money.

    Learn More – Developing standards for unstructured documents

  10. Clinical Architecture

    Clinical Architecture provides solutions to overcome barriers to communication while enhancing any company’s HIT capabilities. Health care organizations might recognize and appreciate this company’s dedication to accuracy and clarity.

    Learn More – Industry Challenges

  11. Chilmark Research

    Chilmark is a global research and advisory firm that offers quality reports and accurate portrayals or critical technologies and trends in the HIT sector. Most healthcare CIOs recognize the Chilmark strategy, which is dedicated to providing the most effective research into technologies with the highest potential to improve care.

    Learn More – Reports

  12. eHealth

    John Sharp has offered his expertise on electronic health records and technologies through his blogs for years. Readers can enjoy his wide range of knowledge about topics such as Health 2.0, disruptive technology, innovative trends, and medical informatics while enjoying his personal asides such as his blog articles about his “personal year in review.”

    Learn More – Medical Innovation – Big Data and Patient Engagement

  13. On Health Care Technology

    Margalit Gur-Arie provides an engaging and enlightening blog filled with content centered on primary care physicians and their HIT use. Guest posts from primary care physicians are welcome, and Margalit encourages comments to her posts as well.

    Learn More – Meaningful Use — A Pinch of 3 and a Dash of 4

  14. Health IT Buzz

    Health IT Buzz is a government site that encourages exchange of ideas on how to use HIT to improve care and to reduce health care costs. With the launch of this site, the government hopes to provide a format for engagement and meaningful and constructive discussion about HIT, EHRs, and other health care technology trends.

    Learn More – New ONC-Sponsored Research Advances Health Information Exchange

  15. Health IT Law Blog

    If you want to learn more about ARRA, HIPAA, and HITECH Act legalities as well as issues about privacy and security, you’ve come to the right place. Steven J. Fox, a well-known national authority of information technology, and Vadim Schick, an associate with experience in licensing, outsourcing, and consulting, represent the law firm of Post & Schell with this HIT law blog.

    Learn More – Breaking: HHS releases final rule on HITECH Act provisions

  16. Candid CIO

    Will Weider is the CIO of Ministry Health Care, which is a system that contains fifteen hospitals, 47 clinics, a health plan, and home care and hospice services. He shares his years of expertise — learned through successes and mistakes — and his experiences on this blog.

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  17. Meaningful Healthcare IT News with Neil Versel

    Will Neil is a journalist who has covered the HIT industry since 2000 in numerous publications as well as on his blog and through an email newsletter. As a journalist, Neil covers the usual range of topics such as HIPAA and EMRs with a different and very useful perspective.

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  18. Medical Connectivity

    Tim Gee offers news and opinion about health care, medical device connectivity and other related issues in this blog. Tim also is founder of Medical Connectivity Consulting (MCC), and he has over 25 years of experience in e-health connections between health care providers and their patients.

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  19. Health IT Exchange

    No matter if you’re an HIT expert or novice, this site can be a great resource for your questions about connectivity in the medical realm. Ask questions, and someone from a group of technology professionals will answer on this site. The site also contains blogs pertaining to HIT.

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  20. Health Data Management

    Readers enjoy this colorful and informative news source about HIT, which has been around for more than fourteen years. This is the only IT magazine in the field written exclusively by a team of professional journalists, and their work has garnered numerous awards for reporting excellence.

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  21. iHealthBeat

    California HealthCare Foundation’s commitment to important issues affecting health care policy is reflected in this daily news digest that reports on technology’s impact on the field. iHealthBeat’s editors review more than 300 news publications to produce daily summaries for readers.

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  22. Healthcare Technology Magazine

    HTM provides current news, interviews, articles, and blogs about the HIT industry as well as market and stock information on companies in this field. Users can sign in to participate in a community that shares profiles and information, enabling individuals to expand professional networks.

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    This is the leading HIT magazine for CIOs, CMIOs, and other executives in the field. Look for news about technology, strategies, free webinars, and industry conferences in a vibrant layout that is easy to use.

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