MBA of Healthcare Administration Degrees

An MBA in Healthcare Administration can boost an already thriving career in healthcare management, or help someone in another health related job move into a managerial role.

My Degree and What It’s Good For

The Master of Business Administration degree can be a gateway to all kinds of careers, but one with an emphasis on healthcare administration can be especially lucrative. Healthcare is a multibillion dollar industry that is growing and transitioning, and it requires a great deal of management. Healthcare administrators have a variety of duties ranging from personnel management to accounting and financial management and beyond.

My Earning Potential

Obviously there are many variables that affect a health administrator’s salary, such as location, nature of work, and years of employment in a particular position, but overall, they tend to earn a high salary. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for health administrators as of 2011 was $96,030, which is way higher than the mean wage across all occupations. The reason that healthcare administrators can earn this much is because of the complexity of the healthcare business and the importance of getting it right. Screw-ups in a medical facility can cost lives, so it pays for them to be organized, and they’ll pay handsomely for an administrator who can get the job done.

Online MHA Degree and Other Health Programs

A Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree can lead to careers in hospital administration, health insurance administration, health care policy making, and much more. Each of the following schools offers a master's degree program in health care.

Kaplan University
MS: Health Mgmt
MBA: Health Mgmt

Kaplan University -- Kaplan University's MS in Healthcare Management and MBA in Healthcare Management programs are designed to educate the next generation of healthcare leaders. A world-renowned faculty successfully graduates dedicated individuals that find jobs across the country.

University of Southern California
Master of Health Admin

University of Southern California -- The Master of Healthcare Administration degree program from the University of Southern California features a curriculum that educates students in the management of health care systems. Courses include healthcare delivery, finance, ethical and legal issues in healthcare administration, and management.

George Washington University
MBA: Healthcare

George Washington University -- George Washington University is a respected leader in online education with hundreds of programs offered in its course catalog. The online programs can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you and in an environment of your choosing, making these programs a flexible and convenient way to earn your Masters Degree. GWU offers an MBA in Healthcare through online courses.

Walden University
MPA: Health Policy

Walden University -- Walden University offers a wide variety of healthcare master's degrees, including the Master of Health Administration (MHA), Master of Public Health (MPH), and Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Health Policy. Students in these programs are instructed on the development of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. The programs provide core study in the public health field, using a real-world teaching methodology.

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