MHA College Scholarships And Grants

Earning your master’s degree in the health administration field can help you make more money and land a high-level job in a field you really enjoy. But one of the biggest obstacles for students, however, is that college is more expensive now than ever. This is usually the top concern for students, as they don’t know how to fund their education and is many times the largest obstacle to continuing education. Luckily, there are many options as far as financial aid is concerned. In order to earn an MHA without going broke, students can look into some of these options, especially scholarships and grants.

Scholarships Versus Grants: Which is Better?

Both scholarships and grants are great options for students since you don’t have to repay the money after you graduate. Scholarships are given to students who show merit of some sort, such as a special skill/talent or academic achievement. At the graduate degree level, scholarships are often called fellowships and may come attached to other responsibilities, such as serving as a teaching assistant at your college. Grants may require you to prove merit in some way, but the overall qualifier for these funds is financial need. Grants can be used to pay for your tuition or for specific research projects you complete while in college pursing your master’s degree. So at the graduate level, it really depends on which type of funding you better qualify for.

MHA Scholarships

Your college is a great source for scholarships (and fellowships). Contacting their financial aid office is a great place to start when inquiring about funding possibilities. In addition, many outside sources also offer scholarships and fellowship to students in MHA programs. These are funds designed specifically for students in this type of degree program. Availability changes from year to year, but some of the places you can start you scholarship source include with the following groups:

  • National Health Service Corps
  • Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions
  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration
  • Foundation of Research and Education of AHIMA

Some employers also offer scholarship-like funds for their employees to go back to school. Known as tuition assistance, repayment, and reimbursement programs, these funds are available to help employees get more education and make the company stronger overall. It’s a way for companies to invest in the talent they have at hand and means that you will continue to work while pursuing a higher degree. This allows you to continue with your career while at the same time increasing your qualifications and education. And the bonus is that some or all of it gets paid for by your company. Generally this type of funding is offered by companies in exchange for you working a set number of years for them. Then the deal become beneficial for both parties involved.

MHA Grants

As an undergraduate, you might have applied for the Federal Pell Grant. Although this money is not available for master’s degree students, there are other grants you can consider if you need money for school. Colleges often offer grants to promising students in financial need in order to allow the top students in a field to get their education. Grants are also available from some of the same organizations listed above, and new grants are popping up every year, especially in the healthcare field. Grant opportunities can be found by contacting your school’s financial aid office, as well as doing thorough research online. There are a lot of available funds out there if you just take the time to look. You never know how much of your education you’ll be able to cover with financial aid.

Top Online MHA Degree and Other Health Programs

A Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree can lead to careers in hospital administration, health insurance administration, health care policy making, and much more. Each of the following schools offers a master's degree program in health care.

Kaplan University
MS: Health Mgmt
MBA: Health Mgmt

Kaplan University -- Kaplan University's MS in Healthcare Management and MBA in Healthcare Management programs are designed to educate the next generation of healthcare leaders. A world-renowned faculty successfully graduates dedicated individuals that find jobs across the country.

University of Southern California
Master of Health Admin

University of Southern California -- The Master of Healthcare Administration degree program from the University of Southern California features a curriculum that educates students in the management of health care systems. Courses include healthcare delivery, finance, ethical and legal issues in healthcare administration, and management.

George Washington University
MBA: Healthcare

George Washington University -- George Washington University is a respected leader in online education with hundreds of programs offered in its course catalog. The online programs can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you and in an environment of your choosing, making these programs a flexible and convenient way to earn your Masters Degree. GWU offers an MBA in Healthcare through online courses.

Walden University
MPA: Health Policy

Walden University -- Walden University offers a wide variety of healthcare master's degrees, including the Master of Health Administration (MHA), Master of Public Health (MPH), and Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Health Policy. Students in these programs are instructed on the development of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. The programs provide core study in the public health field, using a real-world teaching methodology.

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